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Providing Evidence from a non-English Setting

Translation Requirements

All documents to be used in the assessment for IEMBP must be in English, or accompanied by certified translations.

  1. Applicants may only submit documents in English, or documents in other languages accompanied by a certified translation.

    If you will be submitting a piece of evidence in a language other than English:
  2. People, other than applicants, providing evidence to the IEMBP office should respond in their own language if they are not fluent in English. When received at the IEMBP office, these documents must then be translated by a certified translator, with associated costs paid by the applicant.

    If another person or organization provides evidence in a language other than English:
    • You will be contacted by the IEMBP office, and be instructed to complete a Form E confirming that you will pay the translation costs and that you authorize the translation.
    • The IEMBP office will send the evidence document to the certified translator.
    • The translator will return the evidence document and provide a certified translation directly to the IEMBP office.
    • All translation costs will be paid by you.
    • You will not see the evidence document that was provided as a result of your evidence request.