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Province/Territory Change Form Information

If you want to change your intended province or territory of practice from the one you indicated in Step 1 of your IEMBP Application Portfolio after you have finalized it, you will need to submit a Province/Territory Change Form. This form must be completed online, then printed, signed in front of a non-related witness, and delivered to the IEMBP.

You can access the Province/Territory Change Form via the button at the bottom of your Overview page.

Anyone wishing to change their intended province/territory of practice to a province or territory other than Nova Scotia, must indicate on the form their continuity of care experience using the definition specific to the new intended province or territory of practice (see the ‘More Info’ for question 660, accessible via the Support Page). Based on the information in your IEMBP Application Portfolio and the evidence that you have provided to date, you may be directed to provide evidence of some or all of this continuity of care experience.

Note: If the Province/Territory Change Form is submitted after your IEMBP Application Portfolio has been assessed but before the clinical placement, your request will be considered by the IEMBP and the University of British Columbia, to see if it is possible for you to change your intended province or territory of practice. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis. If the change is permitted, there will be a fee to cover any associated costs.