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Amendment Form Information

If you want to change or add to the information that you provided in Steps 2 to 5 or Steps 7 to 11 or Step 13 of your IEMBP Application Portfolio after the Step has been finalized, you will need to submit an Amendment Form. For each affected question (or full record if a practice site/program/midwifery registration was omitted) complete an Amendment Form online, then print it, sign it in front of a non-related witness, and deliver it to the IEMBP.

Make sure to input the correct line number for the question that you are ammending (or the first line number if you are adding a full record of a practice site/program/midwifery registration).

You can access the Amendment Form via the button at the bottom of your Overview page.

You must also review the Required Evidence document to see if there is additional evidence that must be submitted to support the information in your amendment.

Do NOT use the Amendment Form to update your contact information or evidence requests. These should be changed via the Overview page ("Update my Contact Information" button at top of page, and "Edit" button beside Step 10) even after you have finalized your Application Portfolio.

Do NOT use the Amendment Form to change your intended province or territory of practice – use the Province/Territory Change Form instead.